Set of 5 Mannamarks Manna Marks make great gifts! Moon Lilly Manna Marks make great gifts! Fuji Mum Get a Mannamark for everyone on your list! Your journal is always right there Plenty of pages for notes and inspirations

Set of 5 MannaMarks

The MannaMark is a bookmark that is uniquely designed to serve as a small journal. It’s a perfect companion to all of your spiritual reading materials. The MannaMark is intended to stay right at your fingertips while you are reading or reflecting. While the initial idea for the MannaMark was to have a keepsake reminder of your life’s blessings, these innovative bookmarks also offer you a special place to record your thoughts, meaningful quotes, dreams, epiphanies, self-discoveries, affirmations, prayers, goals and whatever you can imagine.

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