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It's not enough to eat, live and breathe creative expression as a way to make a living; We do it to satisfy our passion for expressing ourselves in a wealth of disciplines and talents. We are always making new and exciting discoveries in applying our creativity to new endeavors. We have a lot to show for this exploration. Here, in the fine art section of our site is where we can begin to bring it to you.

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It's hard to keep track of the many successful creative endeavors that we encounter. So when we release new artwork or projects, we want you to have access to it, (and we know that you want that too.) That is why we are setting up our own individual 'creativity' blogs to help you be in touch with what is current. When you subscribe, we'll send you an occasional e-mail when there is something new on which to feast your eyes! Don't fret! We won't send out more than one email a month. For more frequent notifications, you can subscribe to RSS feeds on our blogs.

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