Manna Mark

Original – bookmark journals


Manna is divine or spiritual food.

Manna-Marks are the perfect companion to those books that feed your soul. You know… the books you read over and over again.  This unique bookmark brings the beauty of nature to mind while it makes recording your thoughts and favorite passages convenient.

The Manna-Mark was conceived as a place to record expressions of gratitude. In my spiritual practice, I discovered that these innovative bookmarks also offer a special place to record meaningful quotes, dreams, epiphanies, self-discoveries, affirmations, prayers, goals and whatever you can imagine.

The Manna-Mark is intended to stay right at your fingertips while you are reading or reflecting. Consider using one with every special, soulful and inspirational book you own.

What Manna-Mark users are saying

“My warm bed. A call from my parents. A cup of tea and an apple bran muffin. My friend, Elise. God’s love. These are a few of the things that I wrote in my Manna-Mark when I was going through a difficult time. When I wrote down everything I was thankful for, it would help me get through the day. It helped give me hope by reminding me of all the wonderful  blessings I experienced every day, no matter how small. There is no better way to start the day than writing in your Manna-Mark. It will be another blessing in your life!”   – Lissa Moon

“I have invested in building my personal library of books that expand my thinking and provide all manner of creative inspiration – every one of them is riddled with underlined and highlighted segments as well as ideas scribbled in the margins. My first Manna-Mark was a thoughtful gift and was perfect for a newly-delivered title. Within 5-6 pages, an idea tickled my brain and I captured it on the Manna-Mark (adding “what a handy thing”). That note, along with several others continues to nourish my brain and spirit as it is the last thing I read at night.” – David Frick