Press Kit

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Publications and bloggers interested in sharing information about the Manna-Marks are welcome to download the press kit below. It includes most of the information on this site along with 5 high resolution images.

If you intend to print or post anything about the Manna-Marks, please contact me. I’d like to send you a Manna-Mark or two.

Thank you!

What Manna-Mark users are saying
“My Manna-Mark has traveled with me to Afghanistan, Victorian England, the Deep South and the Wild West, nestled inside all of the books I have carried with me through the years. And, as I close the last page of each treasured novel, my Manna-Mark reminds me to say a prayer of gratitude for all of the blessings in my life — including the one I just finished reading. No story would be complete without it!”
– Joan Tully